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Sharpening Penang’s competitive edge in business events

INSIGHTS, ideas, inspiration – these are the key outcomes that the Penang Convention and Exhibition Bureau (PCEB) hopes to achieve at the second edition of BE @ Penang, a knowledge-sharing conference focused on elevating Penang’s profile and capabilities in the business events sector. Set up last year, PCEB is the first state convention bureau in northern Malaysia. BE @ Penang 2017 takes place today and tomorrow at Setia SPICE Convention Centre in Penang. This year’s programme is designed to deliver new insights on topics such as destination positioning, collaboration, bid preparation, experiential travel, stakeholder engagement, workforce development, technology and media management. Be empowered This year's keynote speaker is Roy Sheppard, a specialist conference facilitator and moderator. Sheppard works with some of the world’s largest and most respected organisations, including the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) in Rome, Dubai, Cape Towm, Istanbul and New York, and ICSC’s flagship event in [...]


Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau shares success of EcoMobility Festival at COP23

Kaohsiung News The 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP23) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) took place in Bonn, Germany starting from November 6, in which the Kaohsiung City Government was invited to deliver a speech to several sessions on its success in holding the EcoMobility World Festival 2017, which has commanded international attention. Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau’s Director-general Chen Ching-Fu gave a talk at the Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) EcoMobility Sessions on Low Carbon Transport and the Mayors Forum on Urban Mobility on November 10 and November 13, respectively. The successful experiences at the Festival were well received by the representatives of various countries. At the EcoMobility Sessions on Low Carbon Transport on November 10, Director-general Chen gave a report on the government’s success in holding the Festival and its 3D strategies, exchanging information about the action on low-carbon transport strategy with Leipzig, Germany and [...]


7 reasons to love Kaohsiung, Taiwan

(CNN) — For too long, Kaohsiung has been known to the world as Taiwan's largest port city -- it's time to give this attention-craving southern city the love it deserves. Taiwan's biggest night market, coolest metro station and unique temples entered through a dragon' s mouth are just some of the features of cultured Kaohsiung. "The weather is almost always good, the pace of life is slow and the city is free," lifelong local and radio DJ Hugo Wu tells CNN. "Who would want to leave Kaohsiung?" Biggest night market in Southeast Asia Kaisyuan or Jin-Zuan? It's a hot debate. The rivalry between the two adjacent night markets began from the week they opened, only three days apart. Both claim to be the biggest market in Taiwan. Each has hundreds of night market stalls. Kaisyuan boasts a 30,000-square-meter space with 300 stalls. Jin-Zuan stretches 23,000 square meters but is packed [...]


Brogent focuses on Asia theme parks

SIMULATED FLYING:Brogent Technologies is in talks with theme parks in Japan, South Korea and China, chief executive officer C.H. Ouyang said, as it seeks to build a presence in Asia Brogent Technologies Inc (智崴資訊), a manufacturer of theme park rides and attractions, aims to expand its presence in Asian markets by promoting its large-scale flying simulation ride and its newly developed smaller virtual reality (VR) simulation facility, a company executive said yesterday. “We have spent the past few years building our reputation and market share in Europe and North America. We think it is time to focus more on Asia,” Brogent chief executive officer C.H. Ouyang (歐陽志宏) told an investors’ conference in Taipei. The Kaohsiung-based firm, which was founded in 2001, has helped theme parks in Canada, the US and Europe build a total of 29 i-Ride motion-based simulation facilities since 2013. The i-Ride at the Europa Park in Rust, [...]


New partners and destinations cap successful year for Tigerair Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Tigerair Taiwan continues to expand its flight offerings, destinations cities, and international partnerships. Most recently, it was announced that Tigerair Taiwan signed an MOU with South Korea's T'Way airlines to offer code sharing services. The Chairman of Tigerair Taiwan and the Chief Executive of T'Way Airlines made a statement on Monday from the cargo center of Gimpo International Airport, reports CNA. The code sharing initiative between the two airlines is expected to help expand connecting networks, and make travel more convenient for travelers to schedule connecting flights on the budget airlines. T'Way airlines currently operates flights from Songshan International Airport to Gimpo International Airport, as well as flights between Taoyuan International Airport and Daegu International Airport. New routes are expected from Incheon to Taichung and Kaohsiung in the upcoming year. With the new agreement between Tigerair and T'Way, travelers going to and from both countries will find [...]


Bulao and Baolai hot springs: the must-go places in winter

Liugui is blessed with beautiful natural views all year round. Spring shower rain, colorful summer butterflies, autumn hot springs in Baolai and Liugui, and blooming winter plums have drawn visitors from all over the world. Baolai Flower & Hot Spring Park will be inaugurated on December 23, 2017 soon. From December 1 to 17, hot spring pools for warming up hands and feet will be in service first. On December 23, an open-air market, cultural and arts experiences, and music performances will be held. You are cordially invited to visit Baolai before Christmas time.   Source: Kaohsiung City Government


LINES —Shi Jin-Hua’s Contemporary Religious Art

From ancient times to modern times, the sacredness and grandness of religion have been immortalized through art. However, the “contemporary religious art” is a category of art that does not exist today. Does the absence of this category of art symbolize the rise of secular values and the consequential fall of religion? Are the cynicism, hostility and nihilism brought by the critical spirit of artists the reasons behind all these? Or is it just as indicated by many art critics that art has eventually replaced religion and become enshrined by people? Art used to serve religion and, in the contemporary time, art and religion are at two different ends. Once basking in shared glory, do art and religion have to stay in separate paths? In this large-scale retrospective exhibition, Lines, of the works by Shi Jin-hua, we can see how a contemporary artist has perfectly merged art and religious spirit [...]


The First Seeds–A 3D Rhapsody of Sound and Images,Video Mapping Show at WeiwuyingSixth Theater

The First Seeds--A 3D Rhapsody of Sound and Images,Video Mapping Show at WeiwuyingSixth Theater A performance ceremony to celebrate the completion of Weiwuying Center for the Arts It’s been long-awaited for a national center for the arts in the southern Taiwan. The establishment of Weiwuying Center for the Arts would make it the most important arts gateway in southern Taiwan to the world. For this glory moment, preparatory office of Weiwuying Center for the Arts especially invited the most brilliant cross-boundary new media arts creative team—Wonders of Arts to create and produce The First Seeds, an unprecedented live performance show with custom-designed multimedia light sculpture on the facade ofWeiwuying. The audience would be able to enjoy and to immerse to a giant video mapping show in Asia(223m wide X 39m high) as well as watching the singers, dancers, and instrumental performers jumping out of the images of the building surprisingly! [...]